We are all born of the blood of two souls who came together as one.

Some of us are born to privilege and others not.

Privilege is but the thin ice of life to tread with care.

Using privilege as a measure of our character is dangerous.

But the true foundation of who we are is the blood of our stock and the nature of our self acceptance.

Good, bad or indifferent we deal with the emotions of our heart

And the lot we were given in this life.

We can choose to separate ourselves from our past or we can

Choose to honor it.

But with all, life offers us the gift of inner integrity.

It is our responsibility to accept it with honor and understanding, knowing that we are all vulnerable, all imperfect and all struggling

in our own manner to protect the very fibre of life and happiness we struggle for.

Integrity is a golden yet delicate gift we can choose to live by or walk from. Never measure another’s weakness or strengths against our own. We must accept who we are and that we are all culpable of our own strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore understanding is paramount to those who are near to us and who for better or worse have lead us the path only we are responsible for following.  The importance of integrity gives us that caliber of strength to walk

a clean path in life.

Only God can be the judge of another.

None of us are better than the other.  We are all human with human fragilities.

No material can determine our joy or gratification.  It is the heart

of those who are good to us and have cared for us that determines the true wealth of life which is to be loved for who we are.

No mother, no father nor sibling nor friend or partner has any more or less of a struggle dealing with the life or situations we have been given.

Therefore let us be known for our loyalty not just to one or the another

but to all those human beings we have been gifted with in our life and  who color us in as we walk through life.

We are all one and the same. Let us not want to be different than we are but proud of the stuff we are made of and therefore let us all live in gratitude and kindness of thought.

Stand in our Truth yet be humble, always understanding that by hurting others we never fail to hurt ourselves.

But through the understanding and compassion we grow in wisdom and strength and courage within ourselves.