Believe it.  Visualize it.  Even write it down if you must.

Faith is the most powerful tool within our Beings.  It is a gift we possess and given us within our soul. The soul created by a higher power.  We all need a rope to hang on to.  An entity we believe, that no matter how difficult, unimaginable or unattainable our dreams or wishes, if we Have Faith in our desire,

It will transpire.

My father always told me, “Be careful what you wish for…”  It is an old saying and a truism.

The strengths I have always lived by are the platform of Faith, the rope of humor and the ability to visualize the dreams I hold close to my heart.

In life we sometimes struggle to climb to the highest peaks of our desires.  Sometimes it seems so far out of reach.  Occasionally we fall into a valley of disappointment.  But never despair, never give up.  Just look up and smile, stand firm in Faith, have confidence, hold on to that rope of humor, grab that scepter of positivity and believe. It might be hard, but continue to look up and climb to that plateau of your wishes. Trust in what you believe in. The power of belief is what leads to the outcome, whether positive or negative.  You will be surprised how what you wish for or fear will transpire.  So toss fear out the proverbial door like a no good thief. No matter what, there is nothing we cannot attain if we desire it strongly enough, as long as we make sure we do not hurt anyone along the way.  The rewards of Faith make it all worth every step taken.