Every setback in our life brings us to a new and beautiful chapter. So I am grateful for the falls. I am grateful to those who made me see the bigger picture of a lesson to be learned and the steps, as I put one foot in front of the other, to move forward.

God doesn’t need a Plan B for your life. Hitting a setback—whether it’s your fault or someone else’s—doesn’t mean God won’t work through your life. When disaster hits, God just fits it into his plans.When someone else’s decision turns your life upside down, God uses it for his glory.When someone else’s mistake puts you in a difficult situation, God works through it anyway.When you feel like you’ve lost everything, God does the incredible so you can do the impossible. You can’t sink God’s purpose. Neither can anyone else.

Today I think how grateful I am that all that happened in my life has brought me to a beautiful new plateau of discovery, joy and reward.

May all of your days be new ones that bring beauty and new discovery and a means to understand it all.