The word. It goes back to the time when man first expressed himself. Words that flow from the inner most part of every human being. Words that communicate desire, feeling, hatred, ideas, dreams, webs of imagination, prayer, love. Words that dance from the hallways of ones mind to the essence and fibre of one’s being. Words that cannot be suppressed but must be expressed. The most important are the words that come from love. It is the depth of ones desire, a gift of self to another, a need to give out, to share and embrace the joy of the greatest sense given by God. Love. Words express the deepest desires of our soul. Words can hurt and they can destroy but there is nothing in life that gives greater happiness than the expressions that give others support, comfort and joy. Words emanate from feelings and feelings to words like two entities dancing to a melody until they fold with a momentary exhaustion before they begin again. No matter what you feel and with whom you are, always know that the words you share touch another. Words are best to encourage rather than discourage, to boost rather than put down. To understand rather than criticize. For who are we but human beings struggling with our own vulnerabilities. No matter how wrong or right, how harsh, brash or bad or good we perceive another, we are all children of God with hearts, sensitivities and a need to understand and be understood. So give weight to the words you offer, be kind with words and give joy for that is the most empowering and gratifying of life’s many gifts.