My father always used to tell me. Be careful what you wish for. No words ever held more truth. I am always stunned when I ask in Faith for something and it is given. I never awaken without saying Thank You God for this wonderful day and during that day I return the gift by speaking aloud words of appreciation and gratitude. I have been given health. I have been given a beautiful and loving family. I have a beautiful circle of friends who I am there for always and I know are there for me. Following two marriages I have finally found, still at my age, a perfect love with who is my rock and accepts me for just who I am. Having completed a memoir, Seen From the Wings, which was a labor of love, it is at long last being published. All of which I pray for and give enormous thanks for all my blessing. Have Faith. Ask and you shall receive.

We all choose difference means of Faith. Some in the Universe, some through a Higher Force. For me it is the great Creator of all we know and so much more within us that we don’t know.
What ever it is you wish for in life you must ask for it with Faith, conviction and understanding that you have to ability to reach it. The only enemy that can stand in one’s way is Fear. It approaches with a sinister silence like a thief in the night. Recognize Fear as a non existent entity and pitch it out like the trash that it is. By combatting and not giving it the strength this monster commands, you will kill it. Instead believe in yourself, you dreams and desires while looking to a higher power. Stand in your Truth. Know who you are and nothing will be able to crush your dreams, your Spirit and what it stands for.