For years I’ve been living life to the fullest. I was blessed with a privileged life, born to illustrious parents, my mother Luise Rainer who won back to back Oscars for best actress and cursed me with emotional turmoil that could send most into a tailspin as she insisted on shredding my sense of self worth. I made some bad choices in those I trusted and some wise decisions from the lessons learned. But what made me so ‘normal’, I always lived on the platform of Faith and was gifted with a rope to hang on to being a strong sense of humor. I’ve looked up to some who let me down and others who built me up. I’ve been blessed with a devoted family, with spirited, all embracing friends, a man who is my love, partner and best friend, all of whom I share the best life has to give being the energy of giving and receiving love. I found my self worth after I was an adult, forging my way through a myriad of experiences some good and those bad I only consider learning ones. I was fortunate enough, which inner determination to succeed at what I set as my goal. I was searching for my God given Purpose in life. It has kept me young. People can’t believe I am seventy. I have felt thirty five for years.

You see, as the pages of my book, “Seen From The Wings” describe in ‘so many words’; we are all the same. We may come from different backgrounds but our commonality is that we are all made of the same cloth though our lives may be painted in different hues.